2013 June

My Wife and Her Threesomes

The adventure you read here is true, only the names have been changed to protect those involved; I hope you like reading just 1 of the acts that my wife Star, Myself Avid and Rod had, this is the first encounter… And although with this threesome I didn’t get any pictures, I have an awesome... Read More »

Hot Picture Series of Real Cucks

  This wife is taken from behind and sucking in front. SEE ALL 25 PICS... Read More »

She was Taken Before Her Wedding

I’m not sure if this really applies to your site, but feel like I really need to tell someone. I’m a 23 female and my now husband is a year older then me. We were high school sweethearts and both virgins when we meet. We did some heavy petting but wanted to save ourselves till... Read More »

Florida Personals for Cuck Couples

Places and cites listed in the Florida area where cuckolds can be found. CHECK IT OUT... Read More »

My Wife’s Intimate Experiences

My name is MiamiMark – These are my remembered stories about my ex-wife Cindy and my now girlfriend Nat. Most of which involve me watching them have sex with other men and the intense turn-on it was for us both. I’ve been going through my journal and sometimes can’t believe some of the experiences. Since... Read More »